Penny Slot Machines

Play Penny slots: tips, hints and features

When a gambler decides to play Penny slots, there won’t be many surprises, as the name of the game is self-explanatory. These machines appeared in the USA in the beginning of the 20th Century. First, it was a “One-arm bandit” with 1 cent (penny) to input into the coin box. It gave the name of such gambling “devices”. But, of course, today there are many online slots with not only 1 cent bets, but bigger ones. And in spite of different value of bets, the name remains the same. So, it’s a great chance for everybody to play Penny slots for free online, and to have a big choice of different machines, for example – ruby slots.

The most successful ways to play Penny slots

Every online slot, including Penny ones are provided by different companies, which use special randomization systems that allow avoiding the possibility of creating winning strategies. But even these efforts can’t deprive gamblers of the opportunity to create own tool set that can be used to increase the chances of personal win.

When a gambler decides to play Penny slots for free or for real money, one fact should be considered – the most of such games have not a big RTP (around 80-85 %), but, of course, not all of them. There are some recommendations, which are better to be treated as serious ones, and they are listed below.

  • The first advice about how to play Penny slots is the admonishment. There are many sources, which offer different “special programs”, techniques and tricks how to make a full out of this or that online casino. It’s a lot of baloney. There are no guaranteed strategies, which will bring hundreds of dollars every day. The only possible variant is to use some mathematics calculations, but it is also not a 100 % configuration.
  • Such slots are called Penny ones not just by accident. A gambler can make small bets and spend much time, playing favorite games. But there’re also guys, who are sure that many small velvet will help to achieve big wins with higher bets. It’s a great mistake. A player shouldn’t change the rate of the bet during the whole process.
  • It’s necessary to study every specific online casino before starting to play this or that Penny slot.
  • Bonus system is another thing that should be considered. Different slots have different requirements for bonus games and jackpots. That’s why there’s a need to check the size of the bets, which launch prize functions.

These are just the main and the simplest steps to take to get more dollars into the pocket, but it doesn’t mean that other tactics and strategies don’t exist. It’s a matter of every player’s professionalism and experience.

best variants to play Penny slots in 2019

What are the best variants to play Penny slots in 2019

It doesn’t matter what is the theme of conversation, it’s always a matter of taste. The same thing is with the best Penny slots to choose. Below mentioned games are one of the best ones according to the statistics, comments and reviews.

  • Pirates Charm. This Penny slot has 96.49 % of RTP. It is designed as a fantastic quest type game with 243 possible pay lines and many special surprises. Animation, graphics, design and interesting bonus functions attract many gamblers.
  • Blaze of Ra. This Egyptian style slot has 96.4 % of RTP. 5 reels and 40 pay lines together with interesting additional functions are those parts of the game, which make it very interesting for gamblers.
  • Divine Fortune. It has pretty nice RTP at the rate of 96.59 %. The symbols of Medusa, Minotaur, Phoenix, Nemean Lion and Pegasus allow every gambler immersing into the amazing atmosphere of magic world.

The 3 mentioned slots are just a miniscule share in the endless world of available games for fans of Penny slots. It’s not an issue to find an accessible variant for everybody. Good luck!

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