Play slots for real money, win real money jackpots

It seems to me that a lot of people love the fact that they can play online slots for free. That’s right, you can really enjoy the mini-games and bonus rounds, even if you had money at stake.

But what is the main difference? You are missing out on an opportunity to win a big jackpot.

Obviously, you are not guaranteed to win big. Like most of us, you will win $ 1 here, 20 cents there, maybe even $ 35 in one spin.

However, when you play for real money, you are giving yourself a chance to win money that can change your life.

For example, Georgios M from Greece won around $ 8.62 million when he played the Mega Moolah slot machine at River Belle Casino in 2009. A year earlier, another player won 5.5 million on the same machine. The odds of hitting this jackpot are over a million to one.

Yes, the odds here are probably against us. But we might not have them if we preferred to play for free. Do you really want to pass up the opportunity to win hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars?

I do not think so. Therefore, choose to play for real money at one of the online casinos in list here: and start today.

Real money start bonus

Bonuses are one of the constants of online gambling and, I must say, they are very popular among players because they give them numerous additional opportunities to win money. There are the same number of slot bonus types as for other casino games. One of them is the registration bonus that some casinos give to real money players who have started playing slots. The amount of this bonus will vary from casino to casino, but all casinos offer it solely to attract new players. It can double the size of your deposit or not depend on deposits at all.

There are also basic bonuses in slots and Australian pokies online, within which the player receives cash bonuses for certain actions that the site has chosen. From time to time, casinos offer seasonal bonuses that are meant to mark the season or holidays. They are not tied to specific dates and the player must independently monitor the appearance of new proposals. Basic slot bonuses can be issued by the casino at any time and they usually last for a limited amount of time.

Reload bonuses for slots are usually the fraction of the deposit to the player’s account that the casino offers, but this applies to deposits after the first deposit. This is a strategy that helps the casino administration to bring players back to their site and keep the real money gambling going. There are also bonuses for referring friends, which players receive if their acquaintances come to the casino site on their recommendation. There are certain rules governing these bonuses. The player is obliged to follow these rules, because their non-observance may result in the disqualification of the bonus, despite the fact that your friends have registered, made a deposit and started the game. Read also how to play online roulette in casino here:

Quick guide to deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and cashouts in slots are no different from similar payment transactions in other real money casino games. The deposit can be made using any type of e-wallet or credit card. Most casinos that accept American players support payment via MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, e-wallets, and bank transfers. The minimum deposit will usually be much less than in land-based slots, since the costs of running an online casino are significantly lower and players can enjoy higher payouts.

All winnings are credited to the client’s gaming account, and as soon as there is an amount above the minimum withdrawal limit, the player gets the opportunity to make a cashout using the same method that was used to make a deposit.