As a body of volunteer clergy and lay leaders, we are unified and dedicated to our faith.  It is our mission to assist and support our community, in collaboration with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and to intercede with spiritual guidance in crisis situations.  We aspire to improve the quality of life by identifying and addressing important community issues and concerns, by raising the level of communication between the Sheriff’s Department and the citizens of our community and its surrounding areas.



The Altadena Sheriff’s Station Clergy Council, created to help impact human crisis and improve the quality of life in the Altadena and surrounding areas, is an ongoing partnership between the faith-based community and local law enforcement that is designed to facilitate communication and enhance the professionalism and the level of service provided by both groups.  The Clergy Council will be recognized for its outstanding volunteer spiritual service and will be considered a model for quality communication, caring, respect, and accomplishments.



The Clergy Council Program was created to augment the services for the Sheriff’s Department in dealing with human crisis.  Additionally, the program is expected to improve service and increase the level of understanding between the Department and the community with particular and special benefits.  The following are examples of service that may be provided:

Clergy Council members, by virtue of their office and presence can act as peacemaker in volatile situations.

Clergy Council members can be utilized as an effective link in reducing communication gaps within the community.

Clergy members can be extremely useful as an extra pair of hands, by providing continuing care for the community in situations where, due to time constraints, deputies are prevented from working out a complete resolution.  (This includes the development of a family crisis response team.)

Youth Activity League (Y.A.L.) aftercare (involves follow-up with Y.A.L. participants, including family unit).

The Clergy Council program is designed to offer a voluntary clergy program to the community, especially during times of stress, in emergency situations, and to assist deputy personnel in situations where the specialized skills of the Clergy would be beneficial.

Since participants in this program will be serving on a voluntary basis, each volunteer clergy member must have a strong conviction regarding his/her service to the community and the Sheriff’s Department.